Veronica Moore
Smash Cast 3
Veronica Moore
Derek, Ivy, Karen and Tom (Friendship)
Cynthia Moore
Portrayed by
Jennifer Hudson

Veronica Moore is a two time Tony Award winner, who wants to change her image using Derek's help. She made her first appearance in the first episode of the second seasonOn Broadway. Veronica is portrayed by former American Idol contestant and Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson.

Season TwoEdit

On BroadwayEdit

Veronica is performing Mama Makes Three with Derek and Karen in audience. After the show, Derek and she met on her dressing-room; she met Karen for the very first time and gives her an advice. She is cocktail party when is create a tension, then She and Karen perform On Broadway with the love from everyone.

The DramaturgEdit

She calls Derek to meet her. Derek goes to her place when she is singing As Soon As I Get Home after she tell him she’s gotten one of the producers from The Wiz to meet him, they combine to met at Bombshell rehearsal. She is with The Wiz’s producers with her and they watch Our Little Secret. After all she gives up to The Wiz and want do her own show with a new side of her and ask Derek to direct it.

The SongEdit

The episode begins with the song I Got Love sing by Veronica and also a montage with all the character. After the performing Derek criticizes her about the choice that she made at that song, she insist saying that is her sign, but agree with him after all. When her mother, Cynthia, is introduced having a disagreement with Derek. Ivy turn up in Veronica’s rehearsal and they look know each other from old times. She and Ivy are having lunch when Veronica asking the reason for Ivy has been date Derek, she explains. Ivy also says to her take an advice that Derek give to her. During the rehearsal Veronica is singing another version of I Got Love and she does not seem have enjoy it. Minutes before the her concert she is readying to get in the stage when she mother advising her how do her own thing, when Veronica be irritate with her mother interference so she took her mother down. Cynthia criticize the dress, thing that was Derek idea, but she reveal that was hers. She perform I Can’t Let Go , making Kyle and Jimmy proud of themselves, after the performance she bring the both onstage.

Career HighlightsEdit


  • Beautiful
  • Purlie - Lutiebelle Gussie Mae Jenkins
  • Audrey - Little Shop of Horrors

New York

  • One Night Only - Veronica Moore Concert

Tony Awards

  • Best Actress in a Musical - Beautiful
  • Best Featured Actress in a Musical - Purlie

Drama Desk Awards

  • Outstanding Actress in a Musical - Beautiful
  • Oustanding Featured Actress in a Musical - Purlie

Outer Critics Circle Award

  • Best Actress in a Musical - Beautiful
  • Best Featured Actress in a Musical - Purlie



Season Two:

Solos (In a Duet):Edit

Season Two:


Season Two:

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