• Kangaroocourt

    As we know, the show's getting a new showrunner next year, and changes are bound to occur. After a lukewarm reaction to its first season, Smash needs to make a splash in 2013. So, if it were up to me, here is the direction I'd like to see the show take...

    Season 2 would pick up two or three years after Season 1 ended. All cliffhangers and story threads from the first season are explained, of course, but we never see their immediate effect. Instead, we're re-introduced to the enitre Smash family a couple years down the line. Everything's refreshed.

    After a successful out-of-town tryout in Boston, Bombshell headed straight to Broadway with Karen as its star. She becomes the new "it" girl of Broadway, gaining glorious fame and acknowledgment (perhaps ev…

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