Smash Cast 15

Smash is finally coming back to us tomorrow night, so it's time to put our thinking caps on and see what's going to happen next!

So what happened where did Smash leave off last season? Ellis went crazy and admitted that he had put the peanuts in Rebecca's smoothie, which leads to Eileen kicking him out of the theatre (and an ominous promise that he'll be back)! Derek chose Karen, but everyone is trying to get him to choose Ivy!

While it looks like Ivy might end up getting the role, Karen decides to returns to the stage and sings the new song, Don't Forget Me, an inspirational piece pleading for the audience to remember her story when they know someone who needs help, while images of Marilyn flash in the background. The crowd cheers as Karen hits a high note at the climax of the sing, while in the dressing room, Ivy pulls out the bottle of medication and dumps all the pills into her hand. The season one finale then ended with a screen fade to black!

Now what is going to happen with Season Two starting up tomorrow?

  • Obviously, Ivy's attempt at suicide won't have worked, but we're thinking that there's going to be some kind of attempt at a comeback story with her.
  • Jennifer Hudson as Veronica Moore is going to blow us away. Calling it now!
  • Ellis is going to come back just like he promised, but is it going to be as someone else's assistant or in a new role?
  • More tension between Karen and Ivy.
  • Reconciliation between Derek and Ivy? Is Karen going to stay with Dev or is the new character Jimmy Collins going to keep her away for good?
  • More musical numbers, but maybe some featuring the other characters that don't actually sing in the musical!

What do you think is coming in the new season? Share your predictions and speculations in the comments below!

Will you be watching the Season 2 premiere tomorrow?

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