First things first ..

I'm an austrian 15 year old girl, who's a big Smasher and Gleek. Like almost every teenager I have the dream 'bout going to new york. Well, my dream is bigger than just going there. I want to *crossing my fingers* become an actress! I knwo, I know, my chances are very very small, but I believe in my and my dreams!

So now you guys now stuff about me you probably don't wanted to know, but yeah.. now you DO know (:

Now you probably think why did she write that and what does she want?

I wanted to know if anyone of you'd like to become e-mail friends (??) with me?!

I really want to improve my english and talk about the things I love, which is obviously Glee, Smash and America (:

So, if someone of you's intersted in my request and maybe we become friends (who knows), let me know and write me an e-mail to :


Hopefully I don't sound to desperate (;

Lots of love, Saskia <3

    • sorry for my grammar.. hope it's not too bad!

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