The Phenomenon
Season 2, Episode 14
Air date May 4th, 2013
Written by Jordon Nardino and Joshua Safran
Directed by Roxann Dawson
Featured Music High and Dry

At Your Feet
Broadway, Here I Come!
The Love I Meant To Say

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The Phenomenon is the fourteenth episode of Smash's second season and twenty-ninth overall. It premiered on May 4th, 2013.


Karen and Derek have made it to Karen's apartment and continue drinking wine for several more hours. After they drink the last of the wine, they start to make out. Derek asks her if she's sure she wants to do this and they continue.

Jimmy sings High And Dry while he walks around sad about his life and being fired from Hit List . He looks for Kyle, even going to their apartment but doesn't find him. He then goes to Karen's apartment building and goes up the fire escape and taps on Karen's window. She comes to the window and Jimmy tells her he wants to be with her. Derek calls out to her and a hurt Jimmy leaves.

Scott  and Julia discuss that Tom  is dissolving her and Tom's partnership. Scott is upset because he feels he'll lose The Great Gatsby that Julia wants to do and he'll end up losing his job. Julia says she'll talk to Tom.

Eileen gets together with her publicist Agnes, Tom, and Ivy and her mom Leigh to plan a strategy for the Tony nominations campaign for Bombshell . We learn that Eileen will push for Ivy for lead and Leigh for supporting for Bombshell and that Ivy will also be pushed for her supporting role in Liaisons. Eileen learns that her ex-husband Jerry has taken out a full page ad to tout Bombshell. She goes and sees him at a restaurant. He tells her he took out the ad to help her. She tells him to stay out of her life, throwing a martini at him for good measure.

Tom is informed by the police that Kyle has been hit by a car. He goes and finds Derek and Karen at the Hit List theater and tells them that Kyle is dead. Derek and Karen tell a devastated cast. Scott  thinks the show should go on that night but Derek nixes the idea.

Ticket holders have been informed that the show that night has been canceled, but many line up anyway because they want to see the show and pay tribute. Derek tells the cast that he thinks they should put on the show as a concert as a way to honor Kyle and the show.

Tom flashes back to one morning with Kyle where he serenades him with Vienna.

Leigh and a young actress playing a young Marilyn perform At Your Feet during a Bombshell show.

Tom and Julia talk about Tom wanting to dissolve their partnership. He says he's doing it so she will have The Great Gatsby free and clear to make without any interference from him since she initially optioned the rights as part of their partnership.

Jimmy shows up backstage and learns that Kyle is dead. He leaves upset and Karen goes to find him. She finds him sitting on a ledge at a place that he and Kyle liked. She tells him he should come to the show that night but he doesn't feel he's up to it. She also tells him that nothing happened between her and Derek because she's in love with him.

Julia is angry with Scott after finding out he told the stage manager that she (Julia) said it was ok to call the ticketholders back and let them know the show was still on for that night and it was being done in memory of Kyle. She feels he was being greedy and using Kyle's death for his own means, as he was afraid of getting fired if Hit List didn't do well. She tells him she won't be doing Gatsby with him.

During the concert, Jimmy shows up and steps in and sings an emotional The Love I Meant To Say in memory of Kyle.

Ivy meets up with Derek and he asks her why she has been ducking his calls. She tells him that she found out they got together again after he had been rejected by Karen. He tells her that nothing has happened between Karen and him, including last night where he slept on her couch. She tells him there will always be a "Karen" and she's done with him.

Eileen runs into Jerry, who tells her that he no longer has the money available to help with Bombshell, as he's decided to invest it in Hit List and will be taking it to Broadway. He chortles that now he and Eileen will likely be in contention for Tony nominations.

Karen asks Jimmy if he wants to go somewhere and talk, but he tells her he needs to be alone to sort things out. He also indicates that he's no longer drinking.

Julia had wanted as much of Broadway as possible to dim their lights in Kyle's honor but Eileen said that was unlikely as that honor is reserved for veterans, so after the Hit List concert, the cast, with Tom, Julia and Eileen, watch from across the street as the Bombshell theater lights are dimmed for Kyle.



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Smash 2x13 Promo 'The Phenomenon' (HD)00:29

Smash 2x13 Promo 'The Phenomenon' (HD)


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