The Love I Meant To Say
Album: SMASH - The Complete Season Two
Released: April 30, 2013
By: Smash
Sung by: Jimmy Collins
Solos: Jimmy
Place: Manhattan Theatre Workshop
Episode: The Phenomenon

The Love I Meant To Say, an original song written by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, is featured in The Phenomenon, the fourteenth episode of the second season of Smash. The version released as a single features Jeremy Jordan (Jimmy Collins) on lead vocals.

In the context of Hit List, Jesse sings the song, which he wrote himself, to prevent Amanda from committing suicide. It also serves as the song that Amanda stole from Jesse to become successful.


Over, I can't believe it's over
I can't believe the love I left
To show some other day

Listen, I hope that you can hear me
As I kneel down and pray
With the love I meant to say

Shadows, you took away the shadows
Before you, life was black and white
Though tonight the room's gone gray

Golden, all the love you gave was golden
Gold that I would gladly pay
To show the love I meant to say

Oh, music, you made me hear such music
Without you here to guide me,
I fear our song will fly away

Sorry, that's the word I wanna sing to you
The other word is stay
To hear the love I meant to say


Smash - The Love I Meant To Say03:14

Smash - The Love I Meant To Say

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