The Fallout
Season 2, Episode 2
The Fallout 2
Air date February 5th, 2013
Written by Julie Rottenberg & Elisa Zuritsky
Directed by Craig Zisk
Featured Music "Would I Lie to You?"

"Caught In the Storm" "They Just Keep Moving the Line"

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The Fallout is the second episode of Smash's second season and seventeenth overall. It premiered on February 5th, directly after the season premiere.


The next Day, Karen meet up with Jimmy at the bar. She tells him, she wants to talk about his music. She asks him about the musical he and his friend have written. He on his part doesn’t really giving her a straight answer and instead begins flirting with her. He asks her if she wants to “hang out” after his shift. She is irritated at not being taken seriously and walks away agitated. Kyle sees Karen walk away and tells him she can help them. Jimmy says they will make it on their own and without anybody’s help.  

Kyle catches up with Karen and apologizes for Jimmy’s behavior. He says Jimmy is a great composer and a good guy, once you get to know him. Karen mentions that Derek too might be interested in them. The guy is really excited to hear about Derek being interested and asks to meet Karen in a couple of hours, which is when he shall be done with his shift. “There is something I want to show you” he tells her.  

Eileen tells Tom and Derek that, she is ironing out the issues with the government officials and therefore their musical is “still alive”. She asks the two of them to not accept any other projects for now. Derek is later informed by his agent that there are more women from those he has worked with, who are coming forward and accusing him of sexual harassment. He as a result doesn’t stand the possibility of getting more work, for the moment.  

Karen meets up with Kyle and he shows her that Jimmy has written his music on pieces of the restaurant menu. She can’t figure out anything from the pieces of paper and loses interest. Kyle asks her to find someone who can play the music Jimmy has written on the menu and if she likes it, she can get it touch with him once again. She takes the restaurant menus and leaves. Ivy meets up with Julia and tells her that she is feeling like her career is going nowhere. She as a matter of fact is contemplating quitting. Julia tries talking her out of it, by saying they all been there at some point. Derek in the meantime is busy drinking his sorrows away at the bar, where Jimmy works. He suddenly begins hallucinating that all the women he has ever worked with, are singing and dancing around him, right there in the bar (Would I Lie to You?). 

Julia is frantically preparing for a speech she has to give at an event with Tom. At the event all the dignitaries of the theater world, will be present. Karen in the meantime gets her friend to play the music Jimmy has written and figures out his compositions are really good. She is keen to listen to the rest of his songs and wants to figure out a way to do that. Ivy finds a drunken Derek, sitting on the stairs of her apartment building. At the event, Julia is humiliated when she finds out that she wasn’t really asked to give a speech and Tom had lied to her only to make her feel better. Tom apologizes to Julia, but says he is really worried about her and hence he did what he did. 

Tom then comes out and honestly tells Julia that “word on the street is” she couldn’t do a good job with Bombshell because she had a nervous breakdown and that he should find a new partner. “I am running out of excuses for you” Tom tells her. “I don’t want a new writing partner, okay? I just want my old one back” Tom says emphatically. Karen and her friends arrive at a party where Jimmy's friend Kyle had said he would be after work. Karen sees him at a distance and walks up to him to. Karen does her best to break the ice with him and it seems to work. Ivy and Derek are busy having a chat. During their conversation, Ivy reveals that she is thinking of quitting the business. Derek tries talking her out of it, by telling her how good she is. He looks into her eyes and says “don’t give up”.

Karen on the other hand is busy flirting with Jimmy, just so she could convince him to play something on the piano, for her. While she is at it, she begins singing one of Jimmy’s songs (Caught In The Storm). Jimmy and everyone else at the party are amazed to hear her sing. Jimmy realizes Kyle put her up to this and walks away in anger. Kyle catches up with him and Jimmy accuses him of stealing his songs. “Would you calm down, I just showed her one, I had no idea she would do that” Kyle tells him. Karen catches up with them and apologizes to Jimmy for what she just did. She tells him she simply wants to help him. Jimmy though, isn’t interested. Karen doesn’t give up and tries reasoning with him, but to no avail. 

Karen in the end gives up and walks away in anger. At the event, Eileen is told to leave along with her team, thanks to all the controversy surrounding her. Before leaving, Eileen wants everyone in the room to realize what they all would be missing if Bombshell is shelved. Tom tries calling Karen so she can give the performance of a lifetime and mesmerize everyone. But, he finds her voicemail. Hence Ivy is called in as a last resort. Derek too arrives with her. Julia then climbs onto the stage and declares to everyone that Ivy will be singing a song from Bombshell, composed by her and Tom. Ivy begins performing and pours her heart into it (They Just Keep Moving the Line). Eileen and her team seem really happy with the way Ivy is performing.

Ivy finishes her performance and there is thunderous applause accompanied by loud cheering from the audience. Eileen and team then walk out of the venue, their heads held high. Next day, Eileen runs into Jerry and comments how she would be allowed to resume the show. Jerry reminds her she wouldn’t be able to resume the show till she has the money to do so. “How much do you need?” he asks her with a smile. “I’ll have my lawyer draw up the contract” she replies. Jimmy apologizes to Kyle and admits he might have overreacted. 

Kyle isn’t in a mood to forgive, as Jimmy’s arrogance might have cost them, their one shot at success. At home, Tom and Julia make up. Jimmy arrives at Karen’s doorstep and hands her a flash drive containing all his compositions. Karen is pleasantly surprised. She later makes Derek hear them. The episode ends at this point.



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Recurring CastEdit

  • Michael Cristofer as Jerry Rand



  • Ivy and Sam
  • Jerry Rand
  • Karen and Ladies
  • Eileen and Derek
  • Tom and Harvey Fierstein
  • Harvey Fierstein and Tom
  • Karen and Jimmy