The Bells and Whistles
Season 2, Episode 8
Bells 2
Air date March 26th, 2013
Written by Noelle Valdivia
Directed by Craig Zisk
Featured Music Let Me Be Your Star

(Let's Start) Tomorrow Tonight
I Heard Your Voice In A Dream
If I Were A Boy

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The Bells and Whistles is the eighth episode of Smash's second season and the twenty-third overall. It premiered on March 26, 2013.


The episode begins with Jimmy and Karen rehearsing a scene. Derek isn’t convinced with the way Jimmy is enacting it, but Jimmy thinks its fine. At the Bombshell rehearsal, Eileen, Tom, Julia and the rest of the cast are really impressed with Ivy’s performance. While Julia is eagerly awaiting a call from Nichols and tells Tom that surely Nichols couldn’t be holding a grudge about a falling out they had during their college days. In her office, Eileen and Agnes, her publicist, are discussing how best they promote Bombshell. Agnes says they have to create a buzz about Bombshell because unlike Derek, Tom’s name won’t fill the seats.

Sam arrives to meet Ivy and she insists that he come with her and meet Tom. She brings him to the rehearsal and Tom is surprised to see him. Jimmy finds out Derek is planning to cast Lea Michele, who is a famous celebrity, for a role in the play and isn’t happy about it. He feels Michele will overshadow the whole play, but Derek says he knows what he is doing. After Jimmy storms off, Nichols tells Derek to make peace with Jimmy and find some common ground. At the Bombshell rehearsal hall, Tom invites Sam to return to Bombshell if he wants to, but Julia takes him aside and reminds him that all the roles have been cast. Tom says he will manage something and tells her not to worry. Eileen visits Richard Frances, a reporter, who reviews musicals for the New York Times. They are old acquaintances and Eileen invites him to watch the rehearsal of Bombshell.

At home, Julia finds Tom looking through the script of Bombshell. He tells her she is right, there isn’t any way to fit Sam into the script. Jimmy and Karen are discussing how he and Derek don’t see eye to eye. Karen defends Derek, saying she too had difficulty in connecting with him initially, but eventually things worked out. Jimmy in turn taunts her about the special connection she has with Derek, suggesting that it’s something more than a professional one. At Tom’s, there’s a party, and Sam along with the whole cast of Bombshell is there. Sam begins performing a song Tom had written years ago. Everybody loves Sam’s performance and Ivy suggests they add this song to Bombshell. Tom loves the idea because this would give Sam an opportunity to be a part of the show. Julia is clearly not happy with this, but pretends she is fine.

Jerry and Derek still aren’t seeing eye-to-eye about issues related to the play. Tom wakes up and is happy to see Sam lying beside him in bed. Nichols and Derek discuss his plans for the play and Nichols feels they are bit too grand for his liking. Derek insists that Nichols give him an opportunity to at least show him what he is thinking. At the Bombshell rehearsals, Eileen and Tom have a disagreement about the new song Tom is planning to add. While they are arguing, Richard Frances arrives and hears them. Agnes quickly walks him away and tells Eileen about his arrival. Eileen says she isn’t happy that she wasn’t kept in the loop about this new song and thinks it’s not required because the song isn’t centered on Marilyn.

Julia agrees with Eileen and after Eileen leaves she tells Tom that this new song isn’t relevant to the script. Tom agrees, but with tears in his eyes says that he has promised Sam, which is when Sam arrives all excited about performing the song. They tell Sam their decision and he is shocked because he just left his present job to be in Bombshell. Jimmy tells Kyle that Derek warned him to lay off Karen, which is why he has an issue with him. Richard tells Eileen that he isn’t interested in reporting about Bombshell because all the controversies surrounding it have already been covered in gossip columns. He suggests Eileen give him the story of how she got Bombshell back because that would make for an interesting read. What Richard said, suddenly gives Eileen an idea and she assures him she will get him a good story.

Jimmy and Derek have a disagreement about the grand sets and LCD screens Derek is planning to use for the play. Jimmy feels all of it isn’t required and Karen agrees with Jimmy, which shocks Derek and he storms off in anger. Julia tries to talk to Nichols, but apparently he still hasn’t forgiven her for the falling out they had in college. Tom and Derek have a heart-to-heart about what makes a good director and Derek tells him about the issues he is facing with Jimmy. Tom reminds Derek that he (Derek) too was like Jimmy when he was young, so he should cut Jimmy some slack. Derek sees Tom’s point and when he meets Jimmy he makes amends and agrees to keep things simple.

Jimmy and Karen begin performing (I Heard Your Voice In A Dream) for Nichols and his team and as promised Derek has kept things simple, so the focus is only the performances. The outcome is really great and is loved by not only Nichols but also Derek. Julia again meets Nichols and apologizes to him for their falling out and he forgives her. He even tells her how sorry he is to hear that she and Frank have split up. Ana decides to prove to Derek that she is perfect for the part he is considering casting Lea Michele in. She begins performing it at the bar (If I Were a Boy), where Derek, Nichols and the other cast members are hanging out. Everybody loves her performance including Derek. Tom has taken a cue from Derek and is now more assertive as a director, which Julia notices and is secretly glad about.

Eileen arrives and tells Tom that Leigh Conroy, Ivy’s mother, has agreed to come out of retirement and play an important role in Bombshell. She feels this will give Bombshell some much needed publicity. She asks Tom if Ivy would feel threatened by it and Tom after considering it for a bit tells Eileen to go for it. At the bar, Derek gives Ana the good news that he was so impressed with her performance he's giving her the part. Karen asks Jimmy if he likes her, but before he can say anything Derek comes and offers to walk Karen home.

Derek drops Karen outside her building and leaves. She enters her apartment and a while later she hears the doorbell and assumes its Derek, but when she opens the door she is surprised to see Jimmy standing in front of her. Jimmy kisses her and they go inside and begin stripping off each other’s clothes. The episode ends at this point.



Main CastEdit

Special Guest StarEdit

  • Jesse L. Martin as Scott Nichols

Recurring CastEdit

  • Jamey Sheridan as Richard Francis
  • Daphne Rubin-Vega as Agnes




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