Actress, Dancer & Singer.
Bobby (friend)
Jessica (friend)
Ivy Lynn (friend)
Karen Cartwright (friend)
Portrayed by
Jenny Laroche

Sue is a recurring character in Smash. She is first seen in The Cost of Art as ensemble member, alongside Karen. She, with the help of Jessica and Bobby, befriend Karen and teacher how to be an ensemble member. In Tech, she rooms with Karen while in Boston. She is often seen hanging out with the rest of the ensemble members especially Jessica & Bobby. Sue is a very outgoing and charismatic character and seems popular in the group. In Bombshell she is one of the four Shadow Selves and is in the ensemble for most of the songs and scenes. She is most likely to have performed as an ensemble member on Broadway for many years.

During season 2 she is seen in the Bombshell numbers as a member of the chorus.

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