Second Hand White Baby Grand (Reprise)
By: Smash
Sung by: Rebecca Duvall
Solos: Rebecca Duvall
Episode: Previews

Second Hand White Baby Grand (Reprise) is an original song first featured in Previews, the fourteenth episode of the first season of Smash. Being an original song, it was written by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman. It is currently an unreleased song; however, it is a reprise of an already released number.

In the context of Bombshell, the number depicts Marilyn in bed. She calls up a man to keep her company, but he denies her. At the end of the number, it is implied that she dies. It was written by Tom Levitt and Julia Houston and was first performed at the Boston previews with Rebecca Duvall as Marilyn Monroe.


Rebecca's VersionEdit

Marilyn: (Rebecca)

 Something second hand and broken still can make a pretty sound

(spoken)Come on, come over I just need a little company ,we don’t have to do anything just talk, I like to talk people don’t talk enough, or the just don’t listen, Sure I understand, Just hold a good though for me

I still had something beautiful to give

Karen's VersionEdit

Karen As Marilyn1

(spoken) Just thought a little company would be nice. We don't have to do anything, just ... just talk. I like to talk. You know, people don't talk enough, or they talk too much and they just ... they don't listen. I'm lying here naked, waiting for you. Come over. Come on, I'm more beautiful than ever. Sure ... I understand ... Just remember you're a great guy.

Oh, the words can stay unspoken
'Til everyone has found
That second hand white baby grand
Still had something beautiful to give
Still had something beautiful
To give

Later ReprisalsEdit