SMASH - The Complete Season Two
Various Artists
Released May 21, 2013
Recorded 2012-2013
Label Columbia
Produced by Marc Shaiman, Scott Wittman, Ethan Popp, Andy Zulla and Ryan Tedder
SMASH - The Complete Season Two is a compilation album featuring all the songs from season two released or not from SMASH. It was released on May 23, 2013 exclusively to iTunes along with SMASH - The Complete Season One.

The exception is the numbers Adieu Mon Coeur which was cut & If You Want Me sung in The Nominations which was done live. As well as the inclusion of The Right Regrets (which was cut in Bombshell) & Let Me Be Your Star (Extended Intro) from the Pilot episode and two demo recordings of season one songs Second Hand White Baby Grand & SMASH. As well as re-recordings of season one songs Don't Forget MeDig Deep which are both sung by Ivy Lynn.

Track ListingEdit

1. Cut, Print... Moving On

2. Mama Makes Three

3. Let Me Be Your Star (Extended Intro)

4. On Broadway (song)

5. Don't Dream It's Over

6. Broadway, Here I Come!

7. Caught In The Storm

8. Would I Lie To You?

9. They Just Keep Moving the Line

10. Good For You

11. Dancing On My Own

12. Our Little Secret

13. I Got Love

14. Everybody Loves You Now

15. I Can't Let Go

16. Public Relations

17. Some Boys

18. This Will Be Our Year

19. A Letter From Cecile

20. Never Give All The Heart

21. Heart Shaped Wreckage

22. Ce N'est Pas Ma Faute (It's Not My Fault)

23. Rewrite This Story

24. (Let's Start) Tomorrow Tonight

25. I Heard Your Voice In a Dream

26. If I Were A Boy

27. Reach For Me

28. Hang the Moon

29. Original

30. A Love Letter From the Times

31. Bittersweet Symphony

32. Dig Deep (Ivy's Version)

33. Don't Forget Me (Ivy's Version)

34. That's Life

35. Don't Let Me Know

36. The Goodbye Song

37. The Last Goodbye

38. High and Dry

39. Vienna

40. At Your Feet

41. The Love I Meant To Say

42. Pretender

43. Grin and Bare It

44. I'm Not Sorry

45. The Right Regrets

46. Feelin' Alright

47. Under Pressure

48. Broadway, Here I Come!

49. Big Finish

50. SMASH! (Demo)

51. Second Hand White Baby Grand (Demo)

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