Rebecca Duvall
Rebecca Duval
Derek Wills (one night stand)
Karen Cartwright (Friend)
Portrayed by
Uma Thurman

Rebecca Duvall (played by Uma Thurman) is a Hollywood actress who wants to star in Bombshell despite having no theatrical ability. Initially, the team behind Bombshell are intent on pandering to Rebecca's celebrity status, but grow increasingly exasperated by her unprofessional behavior. 

Her first Appearance was in "The Movie Star " where after a long delay in Cuba, Rebecca arrives for her First rehearsal at the studios. 

However after the first rehearsal, Rebecca's ability to sing was 'not as expected' as her Agent told the production team otherwise. Tom's tolerance for her after several requests to alterations to the script, and changing the sequence of the Musical. 

Rebecca's ex-boyfriend, Colin, burst into rehearsal and threatened her. 

During "Publicity" Rebecca Took Karen to a bar to 'see the competition'. Although it was to be expected that these two would become rivals, after several nights out she becomes good friends with her. 

After the first preview, Rebecca is hospitalized after Ellis slips peanuts, which she is allergic to, in her smoothie. She eventually backs out of the show.

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Season One:


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