Season 1, Episode 12
Air date April 23, 2012
Written by Theresa Rebeck
Directed by Michael Mayer
Featured Music Run

A Thousand and One Night
Second Hand White Baby Grand

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The Movie Star

"Publicity" is the twelfth episode of Season 1, and is the 12th episode of the series overall.

The episode earned Marc Shaiman and Chris Bacon a 2012 Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score).


Karen finds herself seduced by the glamorous life of new BFF Rebecca Duval — but can Rebecca be trusted? What will Karen’s ascent mean to her relationship with Dev. And will Rebecca drive Derek insane? Eileen introduces new beau Nick to ex-husband Jerry, while Julia panics when her son Leo goes missing.


Main castEdit

Recurring castEdit

  • Phillip Speath as Dennis
  • Savannah Wise as Jessica

Guest castEdit

  • Uma Thurman - Rebecca Duvall
  • Thorsten Kaye - Nick
  • Michael Cristofer - Jerry
  • Sean Dugan - Randall Jone
  • John Proccacino - Cooper


Memorable QuotesEdit

Just call your publicist and get rid of them! And get your ass to my rehearsals on time and stop messing about with your understudy! In fact, stop messing about with me! This show is going to Broadway where it's going to be a blinding hit. I am not about to let some stupid little movie star with childish power issues stop it or me!



Smash 1x12 Promo "Publicity" (HD)00:31

Smash 1x12 Promo "Publicity" (HD)

Smash - Second Hand White Baby Grand HD04:16

Smash - Second Hand White Baby Grand HD

Second Hand White Baby Grand

Smash - A Thousand And One Nights HD03:12

Smash - A Thousand And One Nights HD

A Thousand And One Nights

Smash - Run HD03:42

Smash - Run HD

SMASH - A Thousand And One Nights03:12

SMASH - A Thousand And One Nights



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