Season 1, Episode 14
Air date May 7, 2012
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"Previews" is the fourteenth episode of Season 1, and is the 14th episode of the series overall.


A crisis hits Rebecca as Bombshell is set to face its first audience; Frank is forced to adjust to Michael's return; Dev tries to reconcile with Karen.


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Recurring castEdit

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Memorable QuotesEdit

I didn't want you here. I told everyone. I was, I was ready to walk away from the show when I heard you were doing it. The only reason I'm here is because Frank and Leo... I can't talk to you about this...



  • The song September Song that was sung in the show by Anjelica Huston (as Eileen) was made famous by her Broadway actor grandfather, Walter Huston. Huston first introduced the song in the original 1938 production of Knickerbocker Holiday.
  • The series' lyricists and composers, Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman, made cameo appearances in the episode during the September Song bar scene. Wittman is seen as the bespectacled man sitting alone at a table and Shaiman is the pianist that accompanies Eileen.
  • Before Eileen sings, Shaiman is playing the melody to Butter Outta Cream from the musical Catch Me If You Can, another musical with words and lyrics by he and Wittman.



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