On Broadway
Season 2, Episode 1
Premiere Last
Air date February 5th, 2013
Written by Joshua Safran
Directed by Michael Morris
Featured Music "Cut Print...Moving On"

"Mama Makes Three"
"On Broadway"
"Let Me Be Your Star"
"Don't Dream It's Over"
"Broadway, Here I Come!"

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On Broadway is the first episode of Smash's second season and sixteenth overall. It is the season premiere and premiered on February 5th, 2013. It was released early through Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, and Xbox on January 14th, 2013. The Fallout aired straight after this episode on February 5th, as well. This episode began filming on July 10th, 2012.


The episode begins with Karen singing onstage (Cut, Print... Moving On). She is playing the part of Marilyn. It’s the closing night of the musical in its Boston previews. It is shown that Karen is now a star and travels in her own limo. Ivy on the other hand is still apparently struggling and has to travel by a cab. Karen shifts into a new house and sees a letter from Dev, but isn’t apparently interested in what he has to say and throws the letter in the trash. Ivy on the other hand is shown getting rid of all her meds, kept in her medicine cabinet. It is next shown that Karen is still really angry with Ivy and has no qualms in letting her know that. Derek congratulates his whole team on “a job well done”. 

Eileen reveals that it is her intention to “pick up everyone’s contract”, but everything would in the end depend on the creative team. In other words, some of them might be let go, if the creative team feels they are no more required. Later, Eileen tells Karen that she is planning a soiree to celebrate the success of their show and wants Karen to sing something at the event. She asks Karen to choose a couple of backup singers for the performance. Karen makes her choices and Ivy is not amongst them. Later, Eileen tells Tom, Julia and Derek that, Michael Swift wants out. They are all fine with it. Eileen reveals that for the show she is planning to book the best theatre “Broadway has to offer”. “In the meanwhile keep our leading lady happy” Eileen tells Derek. 

Later, Karen gets all dressed up to go out with Derek. Ivy on the other hand is spending time with Sam. She is worried if her contract will be renewed. Sam suggests Ivy remind everybody of the fact that she is an amazing singer and an amazing actress. He feels once she does that she shall end up becoming the “star” she is intended to be. Karen and Derek in the meantime are watching a Broadway musical that Veronica is singing (Mama Makes Three). After the show, Derek and she meet the star of the show, Veronica Moore. Karen tells Veronica how she has been a huge inspiration for her. Veronica advises Karen to be absolutely focused when it comes to her work, if she wants to be really successful. “Get ready; this is gonna be you in six months” Veronica tells Karen and steps out of the dressing room. 

The moment she does, she has reporters falling all over her. Karen immediately realizes what Veronica meant. Eileen in the meantime is waiting for Jordan Roth at a restaurant. Jerry comes and sits at the table. He taunts her by suggesting, that Roth just like everyone else, probably knows that she doesn’t have the capital to take her musical “Bombshell” to Broadway. “I could help. I have a lot of friends” says Jerry. Eileen realizes Jerry sees potential in her show and wants in. Jerry too admits to the same. But, Eileen makes it clear to him that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. Just then, Jordan arrives and shocks Jerry by informing him that he has offered “Bombshell” the St. James, which is one of the most prestigious Broadway venues.

Just then she gets a call from Nick and gives him the good news. A worried looking Jerry texts someone saying: “Time to move forward with the plan”. “Done” comes the reply. Ivy asks Julia what her future with the show is. Julia very frankly tells her that, she needs to apologize to Karen for whatever it is that happened between the two of them, and that’s the only way for her to secure her future in the show. Julia suggests Ivy explain to Karen, as to why she did what she did. Karen on the other hand hints to Derek that she wants Ivy out of the show. “Consider it done” Derek says. Tom and Sam, while walking down a street, are surprised to see Frank with another woman. Frank is shown seeing off the woman, after kissing her on the cheek and putting her in a cab.

Rebecca Duvall, on the other hand, has revealed to the media that she dropped out of Bombshell because she was sexually harassed by Derek. Everyone though, seems to know that Rebecca is lying. Eileen on her part is hoping this controversy doesn’t blow up into something bigger. At the soiree, Tom and Sam discuss if they should tell Julia that they saw Frank with another woman. “She is your best friend. You should tell her” Sam tells Tom. Eileen gets a call informing her that, Jordan has changed his mind and she won’t be getting St. James for the show. She is baffled as to the reason for his change of mind. Karen and Veronica together perform at the soiree (On Broadway). Eileen in the meantime tries to find out why Jordan changed his mind.

Tom tells Julia what he saw. After her performance, Derek and Karen end up kissing each other. Ivy is shocked to see this. Derek notices Ivy watching them and then walking away angrily. He goes after her. He then lets her know that she is being let go. Ivy realizes that it’s because of Karen that she is being sacked. “Who were you with tonight before you met me?” Julia asks Frank. He lies that he wasn’t with anyone, but Julia reveals to him that Tom saw him. Frank is put in a visibly awkward position and tries to make up something. “It was nothing” he tries to convince her. He then gets all defensive and brings up Julia’s infidelity. 

He then creates a scene by raising his voice and telling Julia that he should have probably slept with the woman Tom saw him with, just to “even the score”. Everyone at the party watches in shock, while Frank lashes out at Julia. Ivy has a chat with Karen and says Karen did the right thing by getting her fired. She also says that Karen deserved the part more than she did and wishes her luck before walking away. Julia in tears tells Tom that her “marriage is over”. Tom does his best to console her. Eileen later shocks everyone by informing them that there isn’t going to be a show. Turns out, someone tipped off the government about the illegal means she was using to finance her show. “Bombshell is under investigation and is as such, frozen” Eileen reveals. 

She then leaves to talk to her lawyers. Later, Tom asks Julia to move in with him, and she too apparently wants exactly that. Turns out, he will have some extra space as he and Sam are parting ways. Ivy in the meantime has begun auditioning for new roles (Don't Dream It's Over). At a bar, a bartender recognizes Karen and asks for an autograph. She is pleasantly surprised and more than happy to oblige.

She then sees and hears one of the bartenders named Jimmy who was flirting with her earlier, playing the piano and singing beautifully, in one corner of the bar. The other bartender tells her that, he and Jimmy have been working on a musical together. She immediately calls up Derek and makes him hear Jimmy’s singing. Jimmy oblivious to all of this is busy playing the piano and singing (Broadway, Here I Come).

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I almost did something really stupid. And for what? Because I was jealous? Because of a part in some show? I’m truly sorry that I ever got in your way. Good luck. You deserve it.



  • Jennifer Hudson will be the second American Idol alum to be featured on Smash, the first being Katharine McPhee. Jennifer came in seventh place during the third season, and Katharine came in second place during the fifth season.
  • This episode was made available for online streaming on January 14th, making it the second time an episode of Smash was made available before it's initial airing, the first being Pilot.
  • Two more songs were recorded and filmed but were eventually cut from the episode. "New York Groove" a duet between Karen and Ivy coming home from Boston and "Take a Picture... It Lasts Longer ", Veronica Moore's introductory number. They were replaced with "Cut, Print... Moving On " and "Mama Makes Three " respectively.



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  • Jennifer Hudson as Veronica Moore
  • Jennifer Hudson as Veronica Moore
  • Karen as Marilyn
  • Karen in Bombshell
  • Karen performing Cut, Print... Movin' On
  • Karen's last night in Boston
  • Ana in a deleted scene
  • Veronica Moore in her dressing room
  • Karen and Derek
  • Veronica Moore at a party
  • Veronica and Karen dueting