Karen-Ivy RelationshipEdit

Karen-Ivy Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Kivy


Friendship Status: Former Rivals

Best Friends



The CallbacksEdit


Related Songs
  • It's A Man's Man's Man's World by James Brown (Let's Be Bad)
  • Who You Are by Jessie J (Chemistry)
  • I'm Going Down by Rose Royce (Tech)
  • I Never Met A Wolf Who Didn't Love To Howl by SMASH (Bombshell)
  • Don't Forget Me by SMASH (Bombshell)

Solos In A Group Number
Song Episode Solos with
Under Pressure The Tonys Ana, Jimmy, Eileen, Julia, Derek, Sam and Tom
Related Songs
  • Don't Dream It's Over by Roadhouse (On Broadway)
  • Dancing On My Own by Robyn (The Dramaturg)
  • Don't Forget Me by SMASH (Opening Night)
  • Cut, Print...Moving On by SMASH (On Broadway)

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