Joe DiMaggio


Baseball Player

Birth Date:

November 25, 1914

Death Date:

March 8, 1999

Place of birth:

Martinez, California

Joe DiMaggio is one of the main characters in Bombshell and is currently played by Michael Swift.


Born on November 25, 1914, in Martinez, California, Joe DiMaggio started and ended his major league career with the New York Yankees. Between 1936 and 1951, DiMaggio helped the Yankees to nine World Series titles and broke the record for hits in consecutive games with 56. In 1954, DiMaggio married Marilyn Monroe and was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame a year later. When Marilyn died, everyday after her funeral he would have a bouquet of roses put at her grave.

Played ByEdit



  • On Lexington and 52nd Street
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Reprise)


  • History is Made at Night
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith

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