Jimmy-Karen RelationshipEdit

Jimmy-Karen Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Jaren

Intimacy Level:

  • In love
  • Friends
  • Boyfriend/Girlfriend
  • Sexual
Dating History:

kissed in The Fringe

Oficially began dating in The Bells And Whistles 

Dating Status: Dating


On BroadwayEdit

At the end of the episode, Karen overhears Jimmy singing "Broadway, Here I Come!", part of a musical that's being written by Jimmy and his friend Kyle. She dials Derek and has him listen to the song because they are looking for something to do while Bombshell is shut down.

The FalloutEdit


The next Day, Karen meet up with Jimmy at the bar. She tells him, she wants to talk about his music. She asks him about the musical he and his friend have written. He on his part doesn’t really giving her a straight answer and instead begins flirting with her. He asks her if she wants to “hang out” after his shift. She is irritated at not being taken seriously and walks away agitated. Kyle sees Karen walk away and tells him she can help them. Jimmy says they will make it on their own and without anybody’s help. Jimmy friend catches up with Karen and apologizes for Jimmy’s behavior. He says Jimmy is a great composer and a good guy, once you get to know him. Karen mentions that Derek too might be interested in them. Karen and her friends arrive at a party where Danny’s friend Kyle had said he would be, after work. Karen sees him at a distance and walks up to him to. Karen does her best to break the ice with him and it seems to work. Ivy and Derek are busy having a chat. During their conversation, Ivy reveals that she is thinking of quitting the business. Derek tries talking her out of it, by telling her how good she is.

He looks into her eyes and says “don’t give up”. Karen on the other hand is busy flirting with Jimmy, just so she could convince him to play something on the piano, for her. While she is at it, she begins singing one of Jimmy’s songs (Caught In The Storm). Jimmy and everyone else at the party are amazed to hear her sing. Jimmy realizes Kyle put her up to this and walks away in anger. Kyle catches up with him and Jimmy accuses him of stealing his songs. “Would you calm down, I just showed her one, I had no idea she would do that” Kyle tells him. Karen catches up with them and apologizes to Jimmy for what she just did. She tells him she simply wants to help him. Jimmy though, isn’t interested. Karen doesn’t give up and tries reasoning with him, but to no avail. Karen in the end gives up and walks away in anger.

Jimmy arrives at Karen’s doorstep and hands her a flash drive containing all his compositions. Karen is pleasantly surprised.

The DramaturgEdit

Jimmy doesn’t have the same kind of confidence and feels Karen is a “fake”. Later, Jimmy who is completely drunk lands up at the rehearsal room and introduces himself to Derek. Derek doesn’t seem to recognize his name, when Jimmy introduces himself.

This in turn convinces Jimmy that Karen actually hasn’t spoken to Derek about him and Kyle at all. In other words, Karen was simply lying to them and leading them on is what Jimmy feels. Karen sees Jimmy leaving and runs after him to talk to him. The Wiz producer in the meantime is unimpressed and leaves, Karen on the other hand manages to catch up with Jimmy on the street. He says he doesn’t care about their musical getting made, but mentions that it means the world to Kyle. Karen and Derek pay Kyle and Jimmy a visit at their loft. Jimmy is pleasantly surprised that Karen kept her promise.

The SongEdit

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Karen has on her part has invited Kyle and Jimmy for the rehearsals. She invited them because she heard some new material is required for the concert. Karen and Jimmy are see playing music together. Karen arrives and gives Jimmy a few suggestions of her own. Kyle sees from a distance how well Jimmy and Karen are getting along and he apparently doesn’t seem too happy about it.

Jimmy meets Karen. Karen sees that he is drunk. Jimmy is really dejected about the fact that he has disappointed her and Derek and even Kyle. He is worried whether she is mad with him about the way he behaved with Derek earlier. She assures him she is not. Karen tells Jimmy to come for the concert because it will prove to everyone that he is man enough to face rejection. Jimmy feels that in his present condition it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to come. He then kisses her.

When Veronica introduces Jimmy and Kyle on stage, Jimmy looks at Karen and she is proud of him.

The Read-ThroughEdit

Karen and her friend, while working out at the gym, talk about Jimmy and she tells her friend that she hasn’t heard from Jimmy, since the time Veronica Moore performed his songs at the concert and he became the most sought after composer.

Derek says he can probably get Hit List into the Winter Fringe Festival and Karen along with her friend pays Jimmy and Kyle a visit to give them this news and then they decide to have a reading of the show in their apartment. Karen’s friend feels she has come all the way to tell him this only because she wanted to meet him and Karen tells Jimmy that if they are going to work together, they need to set certain ground rules, which means Jimmy can’t go around kissing her every time he is high.

At Jimmy’s place, Karen imagines in her head a song where she follows him around the apartment, singing a song about boys who can’t fall in love.

The FringeEdit

Karen, Kyle, Jimmy, Ana, and their friends arrive at the abandoned club where they will be performing later. Jimmy begins singing and playing a piano kept on the stage.

Kyle calls Karen and tells her that ‘Time Out’ magazine has printed an article about “Fringe”, their play, along with her photo. Jerry sees the article and tells her that she can’t work on any other project while she is involved with “Bombshell”. She tries to argue, but he makes it clear that she will have to choose between the two. Karen tells Kyle and Jimmy about this, and Jimmy is really angry. She tries to reason with him, but he is in no mood to listen. Karen arrives at the club, to perform with Jimmy, and sees that he is quitting. She convinces him to stay, and tells him how badly she wants to perform with him. Derek is watching Karen and Jimmy perform (Heart Shaped Wreckage), and imagines how the whole thing would look on Broadway. They receive a loud cheer and applause at the end of it.

Musical ChairsEdit

The Bells and WhistlesEdit

The ParentsEdit

The Surprise PartyEdit

The Dress RehearsalEdit

Opening NightEdit

The ProducersEdit

The PhenomenonEdit

The TransferEdit

The NominationsEdit

The TonysEdit


Solos In A Group Number
Song Episode Solos with
This Will Be Our Year The Fringe Kyle and Ana
The Goodbye Song The Producers Ana
Under Pressure The Tonys Ana, Eileen, Julia, Derek, Ivy, Sam and Tom
Broadway, Here I Come! (The Tonys) Sam and Ana
Related Songs
  • Caught In The Storm by SMASH (The Fallout)
  • I Can't Let Go by SMASH (The Song)
  • Some Boys by Death Cab for Cutie (The Read-Through)
  • I Heard You're Voice In A Dream by SMASH (The Bells and Whistles)
  • Orignal by SMASH (The Surprise Party)
  • High and Dry by SMASH (The Phenomenon)
  • Pretender by SMASH (The Transfer)
  • Big Finish by SMASH (The Tonys)

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