I Got Love (Redux)
The Song
By: Purlie
Sung by: Veronica Moore
Solos: Veronica
Episode: The Song

I Got Love, is a reduxed version of a song originally from the musical Purlie. It is covered in The Song, the fourth episode of the second season of Smash, and it was written by Peter Udell. This version was not released as a single, nor was included in an album, however Marc Shaiman uploaded the full length version of the song to his Facebook page.

The song is sung by Veronica as a part of her television concert. She had originally wanted to sing the song in its original tempo, however, Derek pushed her to go with a sexier version, and she reluctantly agreed.


I got love
I got love
I got

I got love
I got love
Sweeter than a flower
Growing by the hour, 'cause I got love

Sunshine shine
Mmm... I got mine
Carve it on a willow
Talkin' to my pillow, I've got love

Every time I'm with him
I know I'm a lucky girl
For the first time in my life
I'm somebody, somebody, somebody!

Bye bye, bye bye blues
I can't lose
Got a jar of honey
And every day is sunny 'cause I got you!

'Cause I got love!
I got love
I got love, love, love!

Whooooo, I got love
Hey, I've got love, love
I got love!


Smash - I Got Love (Sexier Remix) (Lyrics)01:31

Smash - I Got Love (Sexier Remix) (Lyrics)

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