I'm Not Lost
Released: Unreleased
By: Marc Shaiman
Scott Whittman
Sung by: Jimmy Collins
Solos: Jimmy
Place: Veronica Moore In Concert (Backstage)
Episode: The Song

I'm Not Lost is an original song first featured in The Song, the fourth episode of the second season of Smash. The song was written by Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman. The song is currently unreleased, it features Jeremy Jordan (Jimmy Collins) on lead vocals.

In the context of Smash it was written by Jimmy Collins and was a possible song choice to be sung by Veronica Moore for her one night only concert. It was turned down by Tom Levitt. Which sparked Jimmy to write I Can't Let Go.


I may be missing
when you choose to come around
I'm not lost and
I don't wanna be found

I don't need to be found
Oh, I don't need to be found

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