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Heaven On Earth
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Heaven On Earth


Broadway, current/ West End, current




Tom Levitt

Book & Lyrics:

Julia Houston


Eileen Rand

Heaven On Earth is a broadway musical written by the writing team of Houston & Levitt. It is one of the best musicals on broadway and recently opened a West End production in London.

Known CastEdit


  • Norbet Leo Butz - Saint Peter


  • Jessica - Movie Star
  • Greg Graham - Conductor
  • Alex Wong - Rapper
  • Ryan Steele - Senator
  • Rhea Patterson - Homeless Woman


  • Ivy Lynn ~ Fired after going on stage drunk
  • Jessica
  • Dennis
  • James Monroe Iglehart - Saint Peter's Assistant #1
  • Bernard Dotson - Saint Peter's Assistant #2
  • Borris York - Saint Peter's Assistant #3
  • Jessica Lee Goldyn - Angel
  • Dylis Croman - Angel
  • Nina Lafarga - Angel
  • Angelina Mullins - Angel

Known CrewEdit

Known SongsEdit

The order of which the songs are unknown


  • Shubert Theatre
  • Close up of Heaven on Earth poster
  • Norbert Leo Butz, Jessica & Ensemble
  • Norbert Leo Butz & Ensemble
  • Marquee
  • Original Broadway Cast Recording

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