Haddonfield (Fifteen Years Later)
Sung by: Ana Vargas
Solos: Ana Vargas

Haddonfield (Fifteen Years Later) is an original song written for the second season of Smash. Although the song was rejected by executives, and never actually made it on air. The song is still an existential component for the musical of Hit List. The song was written by Joe Iconis, the same writer of Broadway, Here I Come!. The song has only been performed at 54 Below when Hit List was performed there.

In the context of Hit List, the number is the marker for when The Diva, now back to her original identity of Sara Smith, begins to unravel becoming more deranged. Joe Iconis said the inspiration for this song came from the Halloween theme. It was written by Jimmy Collins and was possibly first performed at the Manhattan Theatre Workshop with Ana Vargas as The Diva, although that is just speculation.



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