Daisy Parker
NUP 154920 1567
Daisy Parker
Actress, Dancer, Pilates teacher
Derek Wills (one night stand)
Portrayed by
Mara Davi

Daisy Parker is a character who makes her debut in the second season of Smash. She is portrayed by Broadway actress Mara Davi.

Season TwoEdit

"The Fallout"Edit

Daisy makes her first appearance in "The Fallout", the second episode of the season. Derek confronts Daisy at the Pilates class she teaches. He claims that her allegations of sexual harassment against him are untrue, whereas she recalls that she had to go through four callbacks to Sweet Charity and when she finally refused to sleep with him she mysteriously lost out on the job.

"Opening Night"Edit

Daisy reappears in this episode, apologizing to Derek for the allegations made last fall. She admits she only made them because she knew her career was failing, so she thought they would get her back out there. Derek then invites her back to his place, after being rejected by Ivy.

"The Transfer"Edit

Daisy blackmails Derek to give her Ana's role of the Diva.


Solos (In a Duet)Edit

Season Two:

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