Broadway, Here I Come! (Pre-Reprise)
By: Smash
Sung by: Ana Vargas
Solos: Ana
Episode: The Dress Rehearsal

Broadway, Here I Come! (Pre-Reprise), is a pre-reprise of an original song written by Joe Iconis, which is first featured in The Dress Rehearsal, the eleventh episode of the second season of Smash. This song was not released as a single, however its full version was.

In the context of Hit List, this song begins the show and it is also the end of the musical. The Diva, but at this moment Sara Smith, is at Amanda's finale concert, in which the Diva brings a gun. She sings her solo and then finally shoots the gun. But who did she kill?


I'm high above the city
I'm standing on the ledge
The view from here is pretty
And I step off the edge

And now I'm falling, baby, through the sky, through the sky
I'm falling, baby, through the sky


Smash - Broadway, Here I Come (The Dress Rehearsal Reprise)00:39

Smash - Broadway, Here I Come (The Dress Rehearsal Reprise)


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