As Soon As I Get Home
The Dramaturg 3
By: The Wiz
Sung by: Veronica Moore
Solos: Veronica
Episode: The Dramaturg
Soon As I Get Home, originally from the musical The Wiz, is a cover featured in The Dramaturg, the third episode of the second season of Smash. It was written by Charlie Smalls.

This song was not released as a single.


Here I am alone
Though it feels the same
I don't know where I'm going

I'm here on my own
And it's not a game
And a strange wind is blowing

I am so amazed
By the things that I see here
Don't want to be afraid
I just don't want be here

In my mind this is clear
What am I doing here?

I wish I was home


The Wiz - Soon As I Get Home03:35

The Wiz - Soon As I Get Home

Smash - As Soon As I Get Home (DOWNLOAD MP3 LYRICS)01:50

Smash - As Soon As I Get Home (DOWNLOAD MP3 LYRICS)

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