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Ana is Karen's new room mate after her break-up with Dev. She will be introduced in On Broadway, the second season premiere. She will also be part of the new upcoming musical, Hit List.

Season 2Edit

Ana is first seen during the montage of Cut, Print... Moving On, welcoming Karen to her new apartment. Later she is shown talking to Karen about the new musical Beautiful, almost giving the plot away but is stopped by Karen who doesn't want spoilers. Ana also comments that Karen was dressed like she cared for her date with Derek, to which Karen implies that she does. (On Broadway)

In The Fallout Ana appears in her and Karen's apartment with Bobby, Jessica and Karen, discussing Jimmy Collins songs and how they could be the next RENT. Karen  states that she isn't crazy for stalking Jimmy where Bobby wonders if he's straight or not, and Ana states that after Karens three year relationship ended she has no idea when a guy is hitting on her. She begins playing a piano riff on a keyboard where she sings that "She's a really good girl, but not for can she get him to share his songs?" after the improvised song Bobby says that Ana is definitely not writing the next RENT, to which Karen agrees but that Ana has given her a great idea. 

Putting her roommates plan into action the group travels by train to Greenport, to a party presumably hosted by Jimmy or Kyle. When Karen spots Jimmy Ana comments that he was worth getting on the G train. She coaxes Karen to go talk with him adding that she should try and not be uptight. Later when Karen sings Caught In The Storm Ana plays the piano. After Jimmy's blow up she leaves with her group.

The next morning while Karen is eating breakfast, a man walks out of Ana's room, Karen comments that at least one person had fun last night. Afterwards when Jimmy shows up and offers Karens' headshot as how he got to their apartment, Ana says that she left it on his fridge.

In Musical Chairs Ana is first seen standing in for Karen during Heart Shaped Wreckage; after the remainder of the number she comments that Jimmy isn't too shabby. She is later seen walking and talking with Karen about Ana replacing Karen for the time being. With Ana stating that they haven't formally offered her the role, Karen jokingly comments that Ana is probably better at the role then she was; to which Ana equally joking, agrees. When they find Tom at their doorstep Ana leaves to give the two some privacy. She is seen in the audience of the performance of Rewrite This Story, and gives the performance a standing ovation. She then states that she's out for the lead role; to which Kyle says she's just the sister; she replies with a side comment that she's always the sister.

After watching the bed scene from Hit List Ana talks with Karen and Kyle about how she's somewhat intimidated by the list of people Derek is meeting with for casting. Later Karen and Ana are walking and talking again, this time about how Ana is too afraid to audition for the Diva; due to her fear of upsetting Derek, and ruining her chances with the part she already has. Karen states that she just needs to grow a pair, to which Ana replies that she will talk to Derek if Karen talks to Jimmy.

After noticing Kyle's constant mooning over Jimmy, she bluntly tells him that they've all wanted something that they can't have, and that it's useless to waste time regretting them. She is in the audience during the performance of I Heard Your Voice In A Dream delighted.

Later in a bar she and Karen discuss how their both cowards, where Karens says she's crazy about Jimmy but is too afraid to put herself out there; then she tells what if she put herself out there first. Ana then walks up to the stage and calls the bar's attention to herself, she then starts singing If I Were a Boy. Although she is confident throughout the performance, after the end of it however she appears astonished as to what she has just done. Some time after Derek comes to tell her that she is now the Diva, to which Ana agrees only if he buys her another drink. (The Bells and Whistles)

Focusing on Karen's practice of Broadway, Here I Come!, noticing when Derek walks in with Scott. When Scott states that he wants to show off the Diva, she asks if they even have time to put that number together; to which Derek replies that he has put a number together in less. Later practicing for said number she alerts Derek to her leaving for costume fitting. 

Later during the benefit Ana is seen rapidly putting on her costume, panicked by the announcement that Richard Francis; only reassured by Karen who insists she'll be great. Then she is called to perform by the stage manager; then she performs Reach For Me with ribbon acrobatics, which clearly amaze the crowd. 

After her performance Ana is introduced to Richard Francis whom was enchanted by her performance and can't wait to see what she does in the second act. After he leaves Kyle and Jimmy comment that the Diva only has one song; where Richard replies that he is the only fan Hit List needs. (The Parents)

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Ana and Karen discussing Karen's relationship with Jimmy.

While walking home with Karen from rehearsal they discuss Karen's relationship with Jimmy, Ana finding it weird that Jimmy feels it necessary to keep the relationship a secret. Karen attempts to defend Jimmy but falters with her own logic and ends up silently agreeing with Ana. (The Surprise Party)

Before practice begins she comments to Karen how Jimmy has been awake for three days straight, implying that drugs are involved. Karen says that Jimmy thinks that if everything isn't perfect Derek will give her songs to Ana. 

Later after a complete run through she listens in to Derek's thought's on improving the show, the main one being how they begin the show. Derek wanting to tell the story from the ending decides to put the Diva at the opening of the musical, singing Broadway, Here I Come! (Pre-Reprise), at the end firing a gun at an unknown target; giving the show a murder mystery feel from the beginning. After which the ensemble applauds at the new vision of the opening. 

Before the "stumble through" of Hit List she apologizes to Karen for stealing some of her songs. Karen loftily replies that Derek is just throwing a fit and will giver her songs back to her after he calms down. Ana balks at her blatant condescension that she isn't good enough and storms off. 

After the alleged "Stumble Through" Karen confronts Ana on her capricious though change on the "stolen" songs, Ana replies that she was originally fine with just going along with whatever part she got, and was willing to let Karen have her way because she's the star and her friend but it now angered that Karen also believes this. Karen believes that Ana is just getting better parts because Derek is mad at her. Ana lashes back that Karen is jealous that Derek sees her talent, and states Karen should've just slept with Derek when she had the chance. 

Subsequently after, at a bar getting drinks with the rest of the cast she and Kyle read the article posted on the New York Times website, that praises Hit List and derides Bombshell. Leaving the bar she runs into Jimmy's "old friend" Adam. (The Dress Rehearsal)

Backstage at Hit List she listens to Scott's announcement that all of Hit List's performances for the season are sold out. While leaving the stage she runs into Adam, Ana invites him to drinks with the rest of the cast, he declines because Jimmy wouldn't want him to be there; she replies that Jimmy won't be there; he still declines and tells her that Jimmy wouldn't want anyone to know that he is his brother. 

At her and Karen's apartment, Karen wondered when she was coming home. Ana tells her that they need to talk, Karen doesn't want to hear a thing, until Ana mentions that Jimmy has a brother. 

During the bows of Bombshell she is all smiles. At the reception she is seen having a good time with Adam, much to Karen and Jimmy's dismay. Later at the reception Kyle walks up to her and Adam and says that she should stay away from the creep. Adam tries to interject but is quickly shut up by the shoves from Kyle and eventually punches from Jimmy. The fight between brothers is eventually ended by Eileen when she dumps a bucket of ice on their heads and kicks them out. (Opening Night)

After Kyle dies from getting hit by a car, the cast of Hit List performs songs from the musical in his memory. In the audience of the performance is Jerry Rand, looking for a new show after giving Bombshell back to Eileen. He takes the show to Broadway. During tech, Ana struggles to get all of her cues right, citing the size of the stage. Jimmy defends her, saying, "Instead of hanging six feet above the stage, she has to hang thirty."

On opening night, Derek has Daisy Parker, one of the dancers who sued him for sexual assault, whom he cast as Ana's understudy, go on as the Diva. After her performance of "I'm not Sorry", Derek states that Jerry "loved" Daisy as the Diva, and Ana's contract is terminated. She tells Karen that Daisy was one of the dancers that sued Derek for sexual assault, implying that she may have blackmailed her way into going on as the Diva. (The Transfer)

Ana files a wrongful termination suit against Derek Wills and Jerry Rand Productions. To try and make things better, Derek recommends Ana for the national tour of "Once" (role unknown). After her audition, Ana learns that Derek pushed for the producers to have her audition. She decides to take the tour, recant the lawsuit, and let Derek get away with what he did to her. Daisy Parker is nominated for a Tony. (The Nominations)

Ana is seen performing a solo in "under presser" and looks clearly annoyed by something ( most likely the fact that she is the only unemployed one and that Daisy was nominated for a tony) She is later seen sulking while Jimmy and Karen prepare for the tony awards because she as not invited. However Jimmy surprised her with Kyles ticket, saying he would have wanted her to have it. Karen gives her a dress to wear. She sits next to Jimmy and Karen at the Tonys. She is seen devastated when Daisy wins the Tony, which crushes her hopes of getting the role back while Jimmy and Karen comfort her. Derek takes notice of how upset she is and realizes what he did to her. He also realizes he can never take it back but he can try to fix it. He immedietly fires Daisy despite the fact that she won and that she is performing Reach for me. He alerts the cast of what he just did and gives Ana her job back. She thanks him for firing Daisy and giving her back her job. She performs multiple solos in the cast's inpromtu rendition of "Broadway here I come" implying that the cast is much happier with her than Daisy.(The Tonys)

She is not included in the Epilogue like the other characters however it is implied that she is the current Diva and has quit the national tour in favor of "Hitlist".

Broadway/Regional Edit

  • "Tick,Tick...Boom" (New World Stages)
  • "A Simulation of Assimilation" (The Kitchen)
  • "Twelfth Night" (folk music version at The Vineyard

Readings & Workshops for:Edit

  • Joe Iconis
  • Justin Paul & Benj Pasek
  • Kait Kerrigan & Brian Lowdermilk
  • Michael Friedman
  • Ryan Scott Oliver

She frequently performs with her all-girl punk rock group. She's also done performacnce art pieces at Mobius in Boston, and was one of the interpreters in Tino Sehgal's seminal "The Progress" at the Guggenheim in 2010 She lives on the Lower East Side.



Season Two:

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